03/22/2012 12:29 pm ET

Woman Steals $25,000 Ralph Lauren Bag & Other Fashion Heists (PHOTOS)

Disclaimer: we are not condoning shoplifting in any way, shape or form.

BUT. If you did have to lift something from a nearby store, wouldn't it be a $25,000 crocodile handbag? The New York Daily News is reporting that a "chic, well-dressed thief" lifted a pricey animal-skin bag from Ralph Lauren's Upper East Side store back in February and the police are still on the hunt.

While the thief remains at large (probably because she blends in so well on those Upper East Side sidewalks), she joins the numerous other women (and men) who have aimed their sticky fingers on the most expensive of items.

From former model Beata Bohman snatching a $11,000 fur scarf to Winona Ryder's infamous Saks FIfth Avenue haul, here's our roundup of High Fashion Heists.

Fashion Heists