03/23/2012 11:01 am ET Updated Oct 11, 2012

How To Get Blue Hair (PHOTOS)

When California girl Katy Perry hit the streets for Paris Fashion Week sporting her signature blue locks and nobody so much as batted an eyelash, our minds started reeling with the possibilities. If Katy Perry can kibbitz with Karl Lagerfeld and Lady Amanda Harlech (not to mention be one of the most successful women in America) in full blue glory, then what's stopping the rest of us from adding a bit of fun to our own strands? According to Wella Professionals Color Ambassador Aura Friedman, attaining blue locks is all about proper procedure and maintenance.

"I don't recommend coloring your own hair blue at home," Friedman says.

Blue hair has come a long way since its punk rock heyday in the 1980s. Gwen Stefani, Nicki Minaj, Lady Gaga and Kelis have all donned the once-subversive style. Those outside the music scene have also tried out the look (see: Marc Jacobs, Juliette Lewis and Zahara Jolie-Pitt). The fashion world even gave its own nod to blue hair at the Narcisso Rodriguez and Thakoon spring 2012 runway shows.

Dying your hair blue will take some planning with your colorist though. "There is no set method for coloring hair blue except that if you want a vibrant tone, bleaching will be part of the process," Friedman says. Before choosing a shade, think about your base color, since this will dictate the amount of bleaching necessary and help avoid a botched dye job.

"If your hair is dark, you would need to bleach it to a very pale blonde color before adding blue to it. If there is too much yellow before you add blue, you end up with green or teal tones. If you only lift to an orange or red color, you'll end up with a purple tone," she adds.

Friedman also warns against neglecting your hair in the weeks following your appointment. "Using products that seal in color is essential," she says. Wella's Brilliance Shampoo, Conditioner and Treatment For Colored-Treated Hair are some of her recommendations. She also suggests washing your hair only once or twice a week if you can.

Here's a few more tips from the color expert:

• For a less avant-garde and noncommittal look, you can instead add blue hair extensions or a weft, a hair piece that can be added by clipping or gluing, like Selena Gomez did.
• Since most blue dyes tend to bleed, a cold water rinse in the shower will help prevent fading.
• To keep the color vibrant, mix the direct dye colors with conditioner and run through your hair once a week.

Most importantly, don't take the look too seriously, Friedman says. "It's fun."

What do you think of the blue hair trend? Would you give it a try?


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