03/23/2012 05:22 am ET Updated May 23, 2012

'Jersey Shore' Reunion: Mike And Snooki Still Fighting Over Whether They Did Or Didn't Smush (VIDEO)

It was time for the cast of "Jersey Shore" (Thu., 10 p.m. ET on MTV) to come back together for a reunion special, sit down together and look back at all the great times they had this season. And Snooki and The Situation spent a significant amount of time arguing about whether they did or did not hook up.

In other words, it was more of the same drama that played out throughout the season. The Situation finally agreed to drop it, as it was clear Snooki was never going to admit to what happened -- if it did happen -- but he was still so upset that he stormed off the set. He didn't stay gone long, though. Was it Just for show?

It's all getting a bit tired, according to CinemaBlend, but a sixth season has been greenlit, and the show does still have its fans. E! Online is already excited about the next season, which is set feature a pregnant Snooki not living, partying or drinking with the rest of the gang -- how is that going to work exactly?

It looks like the whole gang will be back for Season 6 of "Jersey Shore," sometime soon on MTV.

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