03/23/2012 12:29 pm ET

Ladyparts HelloGiggles: A Conversation With Courtney Falsey And Samantha Ressler Of 'Ladyparts'

When quirky, adorable Zooey Deschanel announced the launch of HelloGiggles, we expected unique, intelligent and fashionable content -- and the site delivered on that with the new web series "ladyparts."

Chronicling the lives of Miller and Jane, each weekly episode of "ladyparts" follows the two twenty-somethings on their hilarious hunt for fame and fortune in Hollywood.

In preparation for the final episode of season one on Tuesday, the Huffington Post sat down with "ladyparts" actresses Samantha Ressler and Courtney Falsey to get the scoop on what it's really like to live, work and play in LA.

How did you come up with "ladyparts"?

Samantha: "ladyparts" was conceived in bumper to bumper traffic on the PCH. When we had run out of things to talk about, we decided to be productive. We wanted to work together and create fun, original material for ourselves. As soon as we solidified our concept we recruited our friends, writer/stand up comedian, Jake Nordwind and writer/director, Jason Orley to collaborate with us. After our first meeting, we had outlined the first full season.

Courtney: It took some convincing to get us to agree to that name. We weren’t too keen on pitching a show called “ladyparts” to our fathers. Once the four of us were intact we needed to actually make this happen and that is where our lovely producer, Laura Quicksilver came into the picture.

The "ladyparts" team grew up together in LA -- how does being native to LA influence your series?

Courtney: All of us grew up in LA except Jason. He is from Detroit. People think that LA natives are such a rarity and maybe they are in the sense that we grew up in a place where the entertainment industry is so prevalent and I believe that gives us a unique perspective to play off of.

Samantha: So many people are trying to succeed in the same field, you sort of need to look at it and say, "Okay, how can we play with this?" The boys are really good at that. They sort of walk us through the process of making fun of ourselves.

What is it like working with old friends?

Courtney: I'm not gonna lie, working with friends has its ups and downs. But at the end of the day, who wouldn't want to work with their friends? We all really get and respect each other and that makes for a great working dynamic.

Samantha: We try to incorporate as many of our friends as we can. It's not just the 5 of us. We basically looked around and realized that everyone we knew growing up were now professionals doing really cool things and doing them well. So we enlisted their help with everything from styling to music to casting.

The web series deals with rent, Craigslist, reality TV and personal training in LA -- do you draw from any real-life snafus in the city?

Samantha: If you're asking if we've ever searched for parts on Craigslist and ended up in a meth dealership in the Valley, then yes. (Laughs) No, we write these scenarios but base them on a potential reality.

Courtney: I guess we just see how far we can take it before Miller and Jane wise up, although we do know a surprising amount of people that have participated in reality T.V.

Where are some exciting places you've filmed in LA?

Samantha: We filmed at my real apartment for a while and subsequently were handed a cease and desist letter, so almost getting evicted was kind of exciting.

Courtney: We filmed #Psychic at the Redbury hotel, which was a lot of fun because the room was the perfect set and gave us so much fun stuff to play with.

Where's your favorite place for an after work drink? brunch? or birthday dinner?

Samantha: The Darkroom is always fun and easy. Cafe Stella. I like The Hudson and The Writer's Room a lot. Salt's Cure and BLD are my favorite for brunch. It's my birthday on Friday, and I really like family-style for birthdays. Malo is great, Dominick's is fun too. We love sushi, we are big fans of Sugarfish and Sushi Time.

Courtney: I second the Darkroom. Son of a Gun has great drinks and food. I'll always love John O' Groats for brunch; they have the best biscuits and I appreciate the large slices of cantaloupe they give you on the side. And as far as birthday dinners go, I'd say Osteria Mozza, Ink (I haven't been yet but Sam says it's amazing) and I went to Craft last year for my birthday, which was great.

This interview has been edited for length.

Watch season one of "ladyparts" below and check out the finale "#threesome" Tuesday at 11:00 am PST.