03/24/2012 02:23 am ET Updated Mar 25, 2012

'The Hunger Games,' Madonna's 'MDNA,' 'Bent' And More: The Week In Ouch

While it may seem like everyone is going gaga for "The Hunger Games" -- unless, of course, you're one of these people who have no idea what the movie is about -- we managed to find a review of the soon-to-be blockbuster that isn't so stellar.

Chances are, if life were like "The Hunger Games," NBC's "Bent" would be the network's first Tribute, after receiving abysmal ratings and a few poor reviews. And let's not forget "Material Girl" Madonna, who's seemingly trying to let the world know that she's still got enough blonde ambition to last her another few decades. But which critic has had enough of Madge?

HuffPost Entertainment has rounded up the week's snarkiest reviews just for your enjoyment in this week's installment of our "Week In Ouch" series.

This week, critics from Entertainment Weekly to The New York Times and HitFix were left shaking their heads and sharpening their tongues.

Let us know which films, albums and TV shows you think deserved the harsh critiques, and which ones you think critics should ease up on in the comments.

The Week In Ouch