03/23/2012 04:32 pm ET

Zac Efron Guest Starred On 'Room Raiders' In 2005 (VIDEO)

Remember "Room Raiders," MTV's ultra-creepy dating show, in which three participants were rounded up in an unmarked van and made to watch as their potential date riffled through their belongings -- often with a black light to uncover hidden bodily fluids?

In 2005, Zac Efron was a 17-year-old relatively unknown actor on a short-lived show called "Summerland." It was the beginning of his career and gave him enough star power to appear on the MTV game show.

It was a big deal when the now 24-year-old actor accidentally dropped a condom on the orange carpet at "The Lorax" premiere last month, so we were shocked to see the teenage Efron waving around the condom and handcuffs he found in contestant No. 1's bedroom on the show. He even makes a --gasp-- sexual innuendo!

We were surprised until we realized this was shot prior to his "High School Musical" days, because we're pretty sure this is the type of thing that just wouldn't fly with Disney. Other "celebrity guest stars" included Omarion, Michael Copon, Ciara and the band Maroon 5.

Which girl does Zac choose as his date? You can watch the rest of the episode here and here.
(Hat tip to The Awl for unearthing this treasure)

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