04/02/2012 11:21 am ET

Nail Art Ideas: 20 Pics Of Awesome Panda And Penguin Manicures

By Jessica Booth

I admit it: I’m kind of amazed by nail art. I mean, for me it just seems so impossible to paint something so cool and intricate on something so tiny! I only wish I had the talent to do it myself, but until then I’ll just stick to checking out other people’s masterpieces and feeling jealous. Which is exactly how I feel about these awesome panda and penguin nails.

You wouldn’t think that there could be so many different kinds of panda and penguin nail art, but there really is. From polka dots to fun colors to bows, these adorable nails are definitely worthy of a second look. Check out our 20 favorite penguin and panda nail art designs in the below slideshow.

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