03/26/2012 05:35 pm ET

Filming In New York: Bloomberg Announces Five New Soundstages At Brooklyn Navy Yard

NEW YORK — New York City is giving a boost to its entertainment industry — and vice versa.

On Monday, Mayor Michael Bloomberg and the city's media and entertainment commissioner, Katherine Oliver, announced five new soundstages at the Brooklyn Navy Yard.

“A little over a decade ago, New York City struggled to attract the lucrative production industry to film here,” said Mayor Bloomberg. “Now the City is such a popular and prosperous home to hundreds of films and television shows, we have to work hard to keep up with the demand for stages and production facilities. These new soundstages at Steiner Studios will create jobs, and expanding our workforce development programs with new grants will help the next generation of production professionals start their careers on the right track."

The soundstages, located in Steiner Studios, will be used for film, television and commercial production.

The mayor also announced grants to train New Yorkers for careers in production and digital fields.

The city's partnership with New York University's business school will now include an entertainment component.

The city also is requesting proposals for a "Made in NY" Media Center with affordable work space.

Bloomberg says that a decade ago, the city struggled to attract film production. Now, New York is a popular site for hundreds of films and television shows.

In August, a record-breaking 23 shows were being filmed in New York City. At the time, Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz quipped, “I know you’ve heard it’s said that Brooklyn is ‘Hollywood East,’ but the way I think things are going, I think it’s more accurate to say that Hollywood is ‘Brooklyn West.’”

The productions help support over 4,000 local businesses.