03/26/2012 08:42 pm ET Updated Apr 08, 2013

Kebo, The One-Handed Bottle Opener, Opens Your Drinks In Style

In a transcendent instance of human ingenuity Rush3 Studio has officially straddled the line between brilliance and laziness. Behold -- Kebo, the one handed bottle opener.

Kebo, derived from “Bottle Key," is a throwback to the Theodore Low bottle opener of the 1930s. Kebo’s modern interpretation of the opener is cast with stainless steel and polished to a mirror finish, enabling its users to open drinks with ease. The sharp design is simple and functional, ensuring that even after a few (too many) beverages you’ll be able to crack open your next drink.

Kebo was created by Rush Dixon, who says the idea was prompted by downtime as an architect in the summer of 2010 and a “chance encounter” with an antique bottle opener. Perhaps this is why the Kebo website is so heavily drawn to the nostalgia for the era of ice cream shops and root beer floats. Each Kebo purchased comes in its own decorative tin case.

The Kebo is available on the Rush3 website for $24.95. That is, if you’re not too busy using both hands already to open your beer bottle like a neanderthal.