Tiger Woods New York Post Cover After Winning At Bay Hill: 'Look Out Ladies!'

What? Were you expecting something merely congratulatory?

Coming off Tiger Woods' first PGA Tour victory since September of 2009, the New York Post splashed a photo of the golfer on the front page with a giant headline blaring, "Look out ladies!"

The Post didn't hold back bringing up the fact that his last PGA Tour win was before Woods' infamous sex scandal forever altered public perception of the golfer. Having resumed his winning ways, perhaps the Post believes that Tiger would also resume his wooing ways as well.

With Tiger earning a tour victory and Tim Tebow arriving in New York, the Post has had ample opportunity to put Sports on the front page. Last week, after Tebow was traded to the Jets, the Post used a giant photo of the quarterback Tebowing over Time Square with the line, "God Him!."

Of course, Tebow also made the back page cover on that same day, Woods did not. Does this mean Tebow sells papers better than Tiger?