03/27/2012 12:13 pm ET

Why Being Young, Inexperienced and Weird Can Help You Get Ahead

One myth I would really love to smash to bits is the notion that only a certain type of person can be successful in business. I meet far too many people who tell me they'd love to be an entrepreneur, but don't think they could be themselves and do well in the business world.

One of my entrepreneur clients is in her mid-20s, and everything about her–from her clothing and hair, to her hip downtown business-screams counterculture-hippy-flower-child. She lives in a town known for conservative tastes and values, so it's little wonder that she feels like an unwelcome misfit among other local business owners. She doesn't feel like they take her seriously because she lacks experience and credentials, not to mention a clean-cut image befitting a business person.

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