03/27/2012 01:48 pm ET Updated Mar 27, 2012

Homer Wright, Elderly Chicago Man, Arrested For Shooting Burglar (VIDEO)

Updated story

Residents on Chicago's South Side are "outraged" Tuesday after their elderly neighbor was arrested for shooting a man who tried to break into his home.

Police told ABC Chicago that 19-year-old Anthony Robinson was breaking into the home of 80-year-old Homer Wright Monday morning when Wright shot the intruder.

Robinson was hospitalized with a gunshot wound to his leg and charged with felony burglary -- but Wright faced a felony charge as well. The Chicago Tribune reports:

Wright was charged with one felony count of unlawful use of a weapon after police discovered he had two prior weapons convictions from 1968 and 1994, officials said. Records show Wright also was convicted of theft in 1990. Wright turned his gun over to detectives.

Wright was released Tuesday on $10,000 bond, while Robinson has been ordered held on $150,000 bond, NBC Chicago reports.

Wright's neighbor Darryl Smith told the Chicago Sun-Times it is ridiculous that police arrested the homeowner for protecting himself.

“His life is just as valuable as someone who doesn’t have a felony,” Smith told the paper.

Wright owns a tavern next door to his home, and neighbors called him a "responsible businessman." Residents of the Englewood neighborhood told the Tribune police could have taken his gun away without charging him.

"What does it say to me and other senior citizens that we will be arrested if we defend ourselves?" Anita Dominique told the Tribune. "This is an outrage."

Englewood and other South Side neighborhoods have been plagued by violence in recent months. Ten people were shot dead and a least 40 others wounded by gunfire on the weekend of March 17 and 18, and Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel called on the community to do its part Monday.

Emanuel and police Superintendent Garry McCarthy said their gang targeting strategy is working, but that more needed to be done on the neighborhood level.

"The first line in protecting a neighborhood is a community. It is not the Police Department," Emanuel said.