03/27/2012 03:41 pm ET Updated May 09, 2012

Jonatha Carr, FAU Student, Will Not Face Charges After Violent Outburst In Classroom (VIDEO)

A student whose violent outburst in a Florida Atlantic University classroom was caught on tape will not be facing charges from the school, a university official confirmed on behalf of FAU Police Deputy Chief Keith Totten.

Jonatha Carr, 24, was in an evolution class when during a discussion about female selection among peacocks she reportedly asked why “evolution kills black people” before becoming violently angry.

A police report from the incident said witnesses reported

that while she was in her classroom all of a sudden she just started to yell at the instructor and at the entire class saying things like “white people suck, Jewish people who think this world is there’s (sic) which is not, I will f-----g kill you at the holocaust events all over the world."

In videotape of the incident uploaded to YouTube Carr can also be heard threatening to kill “the f--k out of" her classmates and professor. She also referenced the controversial February 26 shooting death of an unarmed Miami teen in a gated Sanford neighborhood, claiming “for every single one Trayvon Martin that’s dead, every 10,000 white f-----g motherf-----s will die.”

Carr stood and struck a male classmate in the head before pushing an intervening FAU instructor, who shortly helped pull her from the classroom. She was arrested on a battery charge by university police and was subdued with a Taser three times en route to the South County Mental Health Center, where she was involuntarily admitted for a mental health evalutaion, according to the police report.

The day before the outburst, Carr was shown in a CBSMiami news broadcast with her mother Joyce Carr as the two were planning a bus trip to a protest in Sanford where Martin was killed by neighborhood watchman.

In footage from a second broadcast in which she was interviewed, she told a reporter "[Martin] was killed in such a way that it struck a nerve with my family."

In an email, interim director of FAU media relations Lisa Metcalf told HuffPost that Carr's disciplinary matters are being handled by the school's Division of Student Affairs: "Details of student discipline matters are confidential according to state and federal law," she said.

WATCH: Jonatha Carr's outburst (warning: strong language):