03/27/2012 09:42 am ET Updated Mar 27, 2012

Kids' Fashion: Should We Care About Children's Style?

Diane Von Furstenberg launched a line for Gap Kids that includes a $75 wrap dress. Suri Cruise goes out in heels. Non-celebrity babies wear Uggs. It's hard to deny that kids can be extremely stylish.

But is this a good thing? Should we care about children's style?

When HuffPost featured photos from Tiny Sartorialist and Children With Swag earlier this month, it became clear from the comments that the answer wasn't so clear-cut. "'Toddler fashion'?? This is one of the signs that our culture is in steep decline," wrote Professor Wagstaff. And there were many who echoed that sentiment. Others argued that children's clothing can be not only adorable but fun for the grown-ups who get to dress up the little ones. As di123 asked, "Does this mean I was just being stupid when I bought my granddaughter (11 mos) over the knee socks for $28 dollars because I thought they were cute?"

As editor in chief of Petit Vogue, a children's fashion blog that features items from the U.S., the U.K., France and more, Ian Wilson believes kids' style actually does matter. Nathan Greenberg, columnist for IE Family and founder of ProActiveDads, disagrees, saying parents should focus their energy on other aspects of life. We asked them to face off on the issue.

What do you think? Vote on whether you believe we should care about children's style. Then read on for both writers' opinions and see if they change your mind.