03/27/2012 02:54 pm ET

March Madness: Worst Company in America Edition

While March Madness heats up and college basketball teams fight for the national title, so too are some of America's largest corporations -- except this time it's a tournament the players had hoped not to enter., a blog on consumer issues, is hosting "Worst Company in America 2012," an online tournament in which corporations known for poor customer service, lousy products, usurious fees, and other bad practices go head to head for the title. Modeled after the NCAA's March Madness, WCIA 2012 is a one-and-done where only the toughest survive. Of the 32 companies originally entered into the contest, only eight remain.

Those still standing include Bank of America, infamous for its attempt to charge customers $5 per month to use a debit card (a policy the banking giant has since rescinded due to the overwhelmingly negative response from customers), AT&T, which recently raised the rates for its data plans, much to its customers' chagrin, and Walmart, which continues to take heat for its poor labor practices.

You can help determine the winner by casting your vote in the following match ups:

March 27:
(1) Bank of America vs. Ticketmaster (voting closes at 9:59pm ET on the 27th)
(2) PayPal vs. Walmart (voting closes tonight at 11:59 ET on the 27th)

March 28:
(1) Facebook vs. AT&T
(2) Comcast vs. EA

Keep an eye on for details on the semifinals, scheduled March 29 to April 1, as well as the final game, slated for April 2. According to the site, "The Golden Poo winner" will be announced April 4.