03/27/2012 12:26 pm ET

Mario Batali: A Day In The Life (VIDEO)

Mario Batali is a busy man. He owns an empire of restaurants, hosts "The Chew" and constantly has his hands in various projects and charity events. So how does he actually get everything done? The Hulu original series, "A Day In The Life," seeks to answer that question -- at least for one 24-hour period.

We at HuffPost Food are no strangers to this concept. Our Food Informants series has shared similar week-in-the-life stories from food professionals. We are continually impressed to learn what makes people tick, and how rich the food world really is. This Hulu series is no different -- understanding how Mario Batali does what he does is both fascinating and informative.

The 22-minute clip follows Batali to the set of "The Chew" and to a few of the restaurants he owns -- Batali says that he visits two to three of his restaurants every day. His passion for food is evident at every stage, as is his media-savviness. As one watches him move between filming to important business meetings, it becomes increasingly clear that his success is no accident.

Watch the clip above and see what feels like a very realistic portrayal of the celebrity chef.