03/27/2012 01:22 pm ET

POLL: Does 'The Hunger Games' Make You Uncomfortable?

Book-world blockbuster "The Hunger Games" has translated to the big screen in spectacular fashion: the movie version of the popular series’ first installment is officially a smash.

While there’s been plenty of speculation about whether the film -- in which teenagers fight to the death -- is too violent for young fans, it’s not just youngsters who are steering clear of the cinemas: some parents say they find the story’s premise difficult to stomach.

Forbes contributor Sabrina Parsons blogs that seeing the movie was “a horrific experience” that led to gruesome nightmares. The Daily Beast’s Jamie Reno expresses discomfort at his daughter’s “full-blown obsession” with the series, but concludes that “it’s hard to complain too much about a child who loves a good book,” even if the subject matter tests parental boundaries. Other writers -- like "Mr Lady," who blogs at Whiskey in My Sippy Cup -- find less colorful elements of Suzanne Collins’ books (in this case, the grammar) offensive.

Parents, take our Quick Poll: Does "The Hunger Games" make you uncomfortable?