03/27/2012 06:05 pm ET

Peyton Manning Saturday Night Live Sketches Show New Broncos QB Has Sense Of Humor (VIDEO)

Tebow is gone, and while the media circus that surrounded the former Broncos QB in Denver will finally begin to subside, let's not play down Peyton Manning's media savvy just yet. He successfully navigated two weeks of foaming-at-the-mouth news coverage as a free agent, and (happily for Denver) signed with the Broncos -- clearly an indication the man can keep his head on in the most intense of situations.

Need more proof? In 2007 Manning appeared on Saturday Night Live, and while Tebow was skewered by the show in 2011, the honor of hosting has gone to just over 30 sports figures since 1977, and they tend to be legends. The roster currently includes such luminaries as John Madden, Joe Montana, Michael Jordan, and Lance Armstrong.

WATCH some of Peyton Manning's skits on SNL, including the infamous 'United Way' sketch:



Peyton Manning's SNL Sketches