03/27/2012 08:41 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

'The Watchmaker' Shows The Artistry In Building Watches (VIDEO)

Filmmaker Dustin Cohen released "The Watchmaker" on Monday, the second installment of an ongoing short video profile series "Made in Brooklyn." Cohen's goal with the series is to capture the story of Brooklyn through the craftsmen that live and produce there. The first in the series was "The Violin Maker."

"The Watchmaker" tells the story of an artisan watchmaker, David Sokosh, who stumbled upon the opportunity to work with the mechanical time-trackers. Sokosh was a college-dropout who, in search of a career, apprenticed with a clockmaker where he learned many of the skills he uses today. He went back to school for photography, and opened a gallery in DUMBO, but after three years of being a business owner, he closed up shop when the recession hit. In search, again, of where his life would take him, he turned back to clocks. Now, he is a well-known watch maker and repairer, selling his work and services at the Brooklyn Flea.

"It's really easy to tell what time it is if you have a cell phone," Sokosh said. "But there's a little bit of a luxury of having something mechanical on your wrist, something that you can look at and tell what time it is and that it is little more alive."

The video is a beautiful portrait of a throwback craftsman -- an intimate portrayal of an intimate trade.

Watch below for "The Watchmaker:"

The Watchmaker from Dustin Cohen on Vimeo.