'90210': Dixon Gets A Chance To Perform With "American Idol" Alum Haley Reinhart (VIDEO)

Haley Reinhart's appearance on "American Idol" last week may have been to promote her forthcoming new album "Listen Up!" The album drops May 22, 2012. But "AI" wasn't her only television appearance. She tried out her acting chops -- though she did get to play herself -- for a chance to perform with Dixon on "90210" (Tue., 8 p.m. ET on Fox).

Okay, it was Dixon who had a chance to play with the third place finisher of last season's "Idol." Only he didn't tell Adrianna about it. In fact, he hadn't yet told her that the record label had decided they only wanted him after she was a no-show at the performance they were at.

When Adrianna finally confronted Dixon about the gig with Reinhart, he admitted that he'd agreed to sign as a solo act with the label. But he was still keeping secrets. Angry, Adrianna started ignoring his phone calls, meaning he never got the chance to tell her about the next opportunity that had opened up for him.

When she showed up at his house toward the end of the episode, she found him not there. He'd taken off to go on tour with Reinhart. That leaves the possibility of Reinhart making a return appearance when and if Adrianna tracks Dixon down to give him a piece of her mind, or maybe say all is forgiven and just be happy for his success.

Find out as "90210" continues Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.