03/28/2012 04:42 pm ET

Elizabeth Warren Invokes Etch A Sketch Gaffe On Scott Brown

The Etch A Sketch gaffe made by Romney adviser Eric Fehrnstrom has hit the Massachusetts Senate race.

Harvard Law Professor Elizabeth Warren's campaign released a new clip of her invoking the toy in an attack on Scott Brown, whom she seeks to unseat.

"What the lobbyists want, what Wall Street wants, is they want Etch A Sketch senators," she said at a fundraiser in Dorchester last Sunday. "They want the ones who will clear the screen and change their minds to do whatever big money tells them to do. That's what they want."

Fehrnstrom is also an adviser to Brown. Fehrnstom made the initial remarks in the context of the Romney campaign's transition from a primary to a general election, and it has subsequently dominated the news cycle, with Romney opponents having seized upon the remark as confirming perceptions about the candidate's shifting positions.