03/28/2012 05:12 pm ET Updated Aug 31, 2012

PHOTOS: What Do You Keep Inside Your Refrigerator?

Looking in someone's refrigerator is like taking a glance in their medicine cabinet: it's awfully revealing. And you can learn some pretty important information. Not only can you tell what kind of foods they're into (which then indicates how much they care about nutrition and their health), you can also tell if they cook or not (if you only see condiments in the fridge, there are probably a lot of take-out menus nearby).

And even more importantly, you can tell how clean that person truly is. All the hiding of dirty clothes under the bed and unread mail in the junk drawer will be revealed by the state of one's fridge. (And if you happen to find dirty dishes in that fridge, you might not want to use their restroom.)

But regardless of what's found on the other side of that refrigerator door, it's always sort of fun to look inside. While poking around on Flickr, we came across a ton of interior fridge photographs -- and we could not stop looking. We went through more than 50 pages worth of refrigerator pictures, and we've gathered the most interesting ones for you. Click through the slideshow to see what we found.

And once you've seen what's out there, we want you to show us what's in your fridge. We know it's a little personal, and you just might not want to go there with us. But, we double-dog dare you to snap a picture and submit it in the slideshow below.

And if you want to keep a well-organized fridge but just can't figure out how, watch the video below.

What's In Your Fridge?