03/29/2012 10:36 am ET Updated Mar 29, 2012

Lionel Messi Goals Video: Watch The First 234 Messi Scored For FC Barcelona

Generally, the output of an artist is not arranged into any sort of collected works until the conclusion of his or her career. Not even the plays of William Shakespeare were collected and published together in the First Folio until seven years after his death in 1616.

Yet, here we have the collected Barcelona goals of Lionel Messi from 2004 through the third week of March 2012. Perhaps when someone like Messi produces at such a prodigious pace it can become useful to sort and catalog his output in the midst of a career in order to better appreciate the cannon. After all, Billy Joel delivered a two-disk Greatest Hits album in 1985, clearing the way for "The Downeaster Alexa."

Doubting Messi's qualifications as an artist? Clearly, you haven't been studying your Ray Hudson, an announcer who has alternately described Messi someone who "doesn't need the Strativarius left, he gets his violin out and plays the sweetest music for the go ahead goal," while also hailing him as the "genius of geniuses."

Doubting the Piano Man's qualifications as an artist? Well, you're on your own there.

In honor of Messi becoming the top goalscorer in the history of FC Barcelona, here are all of the 234 goals that he scored to earn that distinction.


Which is your favorite? Is it a mazy run through several defenders? An explosive, long-range effort? What about one of the many cheeky chip shots?