03/28/2012 05:29 pm ET Updated Mar 28, 2012

Obama Approval Rating Rises In New Poll

A new poll released Wednesday finds President Barack Obama's approval rating over 50 percent, confirming other recent polls showing the president's approval rating at its strongest point since Osama bin Laden's killing.

The new poll, released Wednesday by CNN, finds Obama's approval rating at 51 percent, with 45 percent saying they disapprove of the job the president is doing. The new survey also shows Obama leading Republican contenders Mitt Romney (54 percent to 43 percent) and Rick Santorum (55 percent to 42 percent) among registered voters.

HuffPost Pollster's trend estimate of Obama's approval rating, which takes into account all available public polling, has Obama's rating at 47.7 percent approve and 47.5 percent disapprove. The last time the HuffPost Pollster estimate had Obama's approval in positive territory (albeit by a miniscule margin) was in early June 2011, shortly after American troops killed bin Laden.

The CNN poll was conducted March 24-25 among 1,014 adults and 925 registered voters. Questions for each group of respondents have a margin of error of plus or minus three percentage points.