03/29/2012 01:15 pm ET

'Kiss And Cry' Finger Ballet Performed On A Table

For one new ballet, performers are really taking emotions in hand for their art.

In "Kiss and Cry," led by Belgian director Jaco Van Dormael, fingers do the walking and talking as they tell the story of romance on a table-sized stage.

Dollhouse furniture and electric trains form each scene's setting, and with lighting and small-scale special effects, the director is even able to recreate settings like a beach and a starry night.

A film crew is busy at work during the performance, projecting the dance on a screen so that audience members can watch the movie as it's made, Reuters reported.

While many ballet dancers may focus on the feet, the production doesn't stray from classical casting to cast attention to other body parts. In fact, "Kiss and Cry" is executed by the director's wife, Michele Anne de Mey, a ballet dancer and choreographer, and her longtime dancing partner, Gregory Grosjean.

The show began in Belgium, it and is now in Canada and set to tour the Middle East and Europe later in the year.