03/29/2012 07:39 pm ET

'The Vampire Diaries': Joseph Morgan Talks Klaus Missing Stefan, Shipping 'Klonnie' Relationship

Fans of "The Vampire Diaries" will be happy to know that everyone's favorite vampire/werewolf hybrid makes his devilish return on Thursday's (March 29) all-new episode. However, upon his return to Mystic Falls, Klaus (Joseph Morgan) will have to deal with one major problem: Damon (Ian Somerhalder) and Stefan (Paul Wesley) are raising the stakes after finding a way to kill the Originals.

But you don't live to be 1,000 years old and not learn a thing or two about self-defense. "Up until recently, as far as [Klaus] knew, he was indestructible," Morgan told HuffPost TV. "And now, suddenly, there's a bag with 12 weapons all capable of killing him. You better believe that he's going to do everything in his power to get ahold of that and destroy it as quickly as possible."

HuffPost TV chatted with Morgan about Klaus' plan to reunite his family, his brotherly -- yet dangerous -- relationship with Stefan and the "TVD" pairing that he thinks is a bit "bizarre."

I'm excited for this week's episode for many reasons, but mainly because I know Klaus returns to Mystic Falls.
I know! It's about time. There was that break, and then there were those two episodes that I wasn't in so I think everybody is about ready to see Mystic Falls' resident bad guy come back.

I think Klaus started as the obvious evil character that you love to hate, but then, especially recently, I think fans are really starting to root for him in a way.
From the beginning, I really wanted to make sure that I at least had motives for him, to at least figure out why he was trying to do all of this stuff. He was a bastard child with with a werewolf bloodline, and all of that was made clear; but I wanted to make him a more layered character. I wanted to try and let people understand his reasoning. In his own twisted way, he does deeply care about what he's doing, and he's terribly lonely and alone and feels completely misunderstood. He acts out because of that. I wanted to really make that clear for viewers.

Let's talk about this week's episode. Where has Klaus been hiding?
Primarily, Klaus is trying to break this spell that binds him and his siblings together. He's used to looking out for himself for the last 1,000 years, but now, suddenly, he has to worry about these four other people who have scattered across the country. If one of them goes -- and maybe he won't desiccate fully, as we've seen Klaus wasn't so affected by it -- but he'll certainly lose Rebekah, and she's one of the only people who means anything to him at the moment. So he's desperate to break this bond -- and it might require a spell to break it -- and what he's going to need to do to do that is bring his siblings back to one place ... or at least, parts of them. Finding Finn (Caspar Zafer) is definitely a part of this plan.

Last time we saw Finn, he was ready to die. Is he going to have a change of heart?
Finn has a conscience not capable of living the vampire lifestyle. He really rejected the monster that he became from the beginning, and we know that he spent 900 years in a box, so he was only a vampire for 100 years before somebody -- I think it was me -- put him in a coffin. He really believes that what happened to him is a freak of nature, and that it needs to be reversed. He's willing to die and kill all of us in the process.

This probably won't make Sage (Cassidy Freeman) very happy. Is Klaus going to have a run-in with her at any point?
We did share some screen time, yes! Cassidy is so wicked. She has a really dry sense of humor, like us British, so we had a lot of fun together. Klaus and Sage don't have too much to do together, but we did share some screen time.

It looks like she might align herself with the Originals.
She does, yes. She very much is all about protecting Finn, and she'll do whatever she can to be with him, whether that means she'll align herself with the Originals or that Finn and Sage will make a plot together, she'll do whatever it takes.

Things aren't looking very good for you guys now that Damon and Stefan have found the White Oak and they're carving out their stakes.
It's ridiculous! There's only five of us! Do they really need 12 stakes? It's really not looking good, but Klaus is pretty sharp. I think he's going to realize things pretty quick, and he'll find out that they have weapons that can kill him. He's going to do everything in his power to get ahold of that bag of stakes, and then, it really becomes a two-prong goal: He has to break this binding spell and get all of his siblings together, and then, he has to get ahold of those stakes. Up until recently, as far as he knew, he was indestructible. And now, suddenly, there's a bag with 12 weapons all capable of killing him. You better believe that he's going to do everything in his power to get ahold of that and destroy it as quickly as possible.

Rebekah had a moment of weakness in the last episode, but it looks like this week, she redeems herself.
Yes! This week you're going to see how strong Rebekah really is and what she's capable of. She's her brother's sister, and now you're going to see what her and Klaus really have in common. Any weakness that you may have seen last week is gone. Revenge is a beautiful and terrible thing, and we're going to see a fair bit of that. Poor Damon. Ian [Somerhalder] spent a very uncomfortable two days hanging from the ceiling; but as my character suggests, they should have hung him upside down, so I think Ian is quite lucky they didn't go with that!

I'm sure Klaus is happy that Damon is now out of the way.
And that wasn't even [Rebekah's] motivation. She's been betrayed. She let herself feel something. She let herself be vulnerable. Rebekah let herself get hurt, and she's not happy about it. She's learned that you can't trust anyone, and that the only people that you can trust are your family. It's only going to be good Klaus. [Laughs.]

What can you tell me about Klaus and Stefan? I know they're going to have a confrontation.
The problem that Klaus has is that he actually does care about Stefan. He's missed his friend, and he wants him back. He still believes that the Ripper is there and that this new Stefan is just an act. There's something still there as far as he's concerned, and I think that is what makes Stefan the biggest threat to Klaus. When he stands up to him, there will be that little part of Klaus that isn't quite willing to drive a stake through his heart yet.

Klaus is also going to have a few scenes with Bonnie (Kat Graham) this week since, once again, he uses her as his pawn.
He does, and it's weird because there is this whole group of fans that ship Klaus and Bonnie, these "Klonnie" fans, and it's bizarre because all I've ever done is threaten her, and we've had minimal screen time together. I actually get along quite well with Kat, so we've done a couple of things to encourage this shipping. But, yeah, Klaus does enjoy manipulating her and using her powers. She's quite invaluable to him at this point.

"The Vampire Diaries" airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET on The CW. Watch a promo for the new episode below.