03/31/2012 05:25 pm ET

Celebrity Baby Names: Can You Guess The 'Normal' Names? (QUIZ)

Blue Ivy, Pilot Inspektor, Apple ... stars love to get creative when it comes to baby-naming. One could argue that James Van Der Beek's recent choice for his son's name was a more shocking move than Alicia Silverstone posting a video of her pre-chewing baby Bear Blu's food. The man formerly known as Dawson named his little boy ... Joshua. (Unclear whether that's after former costar Joshua Jackson.)

Puzzling as it may be, Van Der Beek isn't the only celeb opting for a "normal" baby name. Just this week, singer Ne-Yo -- whose kids' names are Madilyn and Mason -- said he doesn't like "wacky names" because he wants his children to be respected. Even Snooki said her baby will have a normal (albeit Italian) moniker.

There may be an explanation for this odd behavior. Naming expert and co-founder of, Linda Rosenkrantz says celebrities, like civilians, tend to be more conservative with boy names. "It can also be seen as something of a backlash against the bad rap that celebrities get as being wild, attention-craving baby namers," she says.

So while you may know know that "Blanket" belongs to Michael Jackson and "Moroccan" is one of Mariah Carey's twins, do you know which rock star named his daughter Emily? And who went with Andrew? Take the quiz below and put your celebrity baby name knowledge to the test.



Guess The Celebrity Baby Names