04/01/2012 12:55 pm ET

Animal Photos Of The Week

This was certainly a good week for strange but true animals.

First we met Harry the baby pygmy hippo. Rejected by his mother, the friendly little guy has been fed by caretakers at a wildlife ranch in South Africa.

Then we saw the baby aardvark born this week at Busch Gardens in Florida. With pink and wrinkly skin, the baby's cuteness remains debated.

Strangest of all is probably Lilli, the young, six-legged calf from Switzerland. Although vets thought she wouldn't live for long, her zest for life has stopped her owner from euthanizing her.

In other animal news, Idaho's legislature passed the state's first law that would make mistreatment of pets and livestock a felony, reported the Associated Press. Ann Church, vice president of state affairs for the ASPCA, said, "We couldn't be happier, because it's a tremendous step forward for the state."

Researchers from the California Academy of Sciences and the University of Texas at El Paso made an important discovery this week while working in Burundi. The Bururi long-fingered frog, last seen alive in 1949 and presumed extinct, was discovered by a team led by David Blackburn and Eli Greenbaum, reported LiveScience.

About the discovery, Blackburn said, "I thought I heard the call and walked toward it, then waited. In a tremendous stroke of luck, I casually moved aside some grass and the frog was just sitting there on a log."