04/02/2012 06:22 pm ET

D.C. Eviction Called Off After Occupy Protest

The resident of a house on Maryland Avenue NE who was facing eviction won a bit more time today after a group of demonstrators from Occupy D.C. gathered outside her house to prevent her from being evicted after the building's owner was foreclosed upon.

Dawn Butler, who lives at 917 Maryland Avenue, got a stay from a judge in D.C. Superior Court after a few dozen members of Occupy D.C. protested in front of police officers and moving crews set to carry out an eviction Butler and Occupy say should never have been ordered. Demonstrators unfurled a large mesh banner with the phrase "Eviction Free Zone."

Butler started renting the single-family house in March 2006. Its owner was foreclosed upon in August 2009 by JPMorgan Chase, with a Bethesda law firm, Rosenberg and Associates, handling the paperwork. Under D.C. law and her rental agreement, Butler was entitled to make a bid on the property, which she offered in spring 2010 after the house was assessed.

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