04/02/2012 08:14 am ET Updated Apr 02, 2012

Wife Of JetBlue Pilot, Clayton Osbon, Releases Statement

Nearly a week after her husband had a breakdown while piloting a JetBlue flight from New York to Las Vegas on Monday, Connye Osbon released a statement through the airline thanking doctors and staff at the Amarillo-area hospital where he is being treated, among other groups.

Not surprisingly, Osbon stated that neither she nor anyone else in the family will be granting interviews or making further statements to the media: "We hope you can empathize and understand that our focus completely surrounds Clayton's recovery and the path that lies immediately ahead."

JetBlue announced on Friday that the crew would not be speaking to the media either, a stance that Osbon's wife praised in the release.

Osbon's meltdown came as a shock to family and friends, the Associated Press reported.

On March 28, Osbon was formally charged for interfering with a flight crew, which, under federal law, can bring up to 20 years in prison. Osbon's lawyers will head to court on Monday morning on behalf of the pilot, CBS News reports. Prosecutors in the case -- in the event it goes to trial -- will seek to prove that Osbon understood the gravity of what he was doing as he interfered with the flight crew.

Last week, Osbon's co-pilot, Jason Dowd, was praised for being a hero. A church friend of Dowd's told the Associate Press, "He's a wonderful person. I can see him being a hero. It does not surprise me one bit that he acted so professionally."

Osbon's wife also praised Dowd and the flight crew in her statement, saying, "We would like to recognize the Crew and passengers of Flight 191 for their effective yet compassionate handling of the situation. It is our belief, as Clayton's family, that while he was clearly distressed, he was not intentionally violent toward anyone. We know you were placed in an awful situation and we appreciate your ability to respond professionally."

Check out videos from inside the plane in the slideshow below.



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