04/02/2012 09:17 am ET

Occupy Wall Street Protesters March Over Brooklyn Bridge For Six Month Anniversary

Occupy Wall Street protesters marched over the Brooklyn Bridge Sunday to commemorate six month anniversary of their first protest on the Bridge, which resulted in over 700 arrests.

A few hundred gathered to mark the occasion, starting their walk at Zuccotti Park, going over the pedestrian path of the Bridge and ending in Cadman Plaza.

This April Fools Day march was a far cry from its predecessor, which was the first large and visible clash of the Occupy movement -- and the ensuing mass arrests launched the cause into the nation's consciousness. Then protesters took over the roadway, which is what led to the police clash. Sunday's march had them walk peaceably over the bridge without a confrontation.

"This is not April Fool's Day for us," protester Yoni Miller told DNAinfo. "The NYPD are the only people treating Occupy Wall Street like April Fool's Day — everyday."

A general assembly convened at Cadman Plaza, but the crowd dispersed once the rain came in.