04/02/2012 05:35 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

'Staff Meeting Video' & 'Sh*t Hollywood Assistants Say' Expose Hollywood Insiders & Wannabes (VIDEOS)

Hollywood just got pantsed. Twice.

First up: the famed army of Hollywood talent agency assistants, who, combined with Hollywood production assistants, seem to make up at least half of LA's 20-somethings. From gym scents to salads with 18 modifications, new noses, dog walking and being scared of nature, we have these young'uns to thank for every negative stereotype bestowed upon LA.

And then there's this video of low-level executives making fun of their boss. He's the guy who steals your ideas as his own and cuts off your tie (really) if you question him. This is the story of how horrible ideas -- staff meeting videos, a cockeyed guinoa pig and aliens in everything -- make it to the big screen.

Can't find anything good to watch at the movies this weekend? Let's just say that these short films explain a lot.

h/t The Wrap