04/03/2012 12:39 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

OK Go's 'Skyscrapers' Video, Two Years Later (VIDEO)

OK Go released yet another clever, colorful and highly clickable video for "Skyscrapers"last week. The video features two tango dancers throwing out some pretty sexy moves in a series of colorfully monochromatic cityscapes.

The crooning and wailing vocals of Damian Kulash pair perfectly with smooth bass lines from band member Tim Nordwind, and the featured dancers are Moti Buchboot and Trish Sie, the well-known choreographer who created, choreographed, co-produced and co-directed OK Go's viral treadmill dance video for "Here It Goes Again."

"Skyscrapers" was released in 2010, so it's evident that OK Go isn't exactly the most punctual with their music video releases. They debuted their video for "Needing, Getting" in February, which appeared on the same 2010 album Of The Blue Colour Of The Sky. Timely or not, OK Go sure knows their way around catchy music videos.

Watch below for OK Go's video for "Skyscrapers:"