04/04/2012 08:18 am ET

'The Young Turks' On Climate Change For Current TV (VIDEO)

As the science correspondent for The Huffington Post, I am often afforded the opportunity to discuss science topics on television and radio. This week I appeared on "The Young Turks" on Current TV to talk about climate change.

We discussed the media's treatment of this issue and the efforts deniers are making to keep climate change education out of our schools.

The episode kicked off a weeklong series called "The Heat Is On." As the series continues, each day will explore a different aspect of climate science.

Here is a quick look at the week's schedule:

Monday: "The Heat is On--Education"
As the series kicked off with a focus on education, I talked about how right-wingers at the Heartland Institute are fighting for “freedom of education,” as well as how the media covers climate change (see the above video clip.)

Tuesday: "The Heat is On--Policy Makers"
Professor Kevin Gurney of The Global Carbon Project will discuss greenhouse gases and shed light on the international science community, society and policy debate.

Wednesday: "The Heat is On--National Defense"
Retired Vice Admiral Dennis V. McGinn, now president of the American Council On Renewable Energy, will discuss how climate change has impacted U.S. national defense.

Thursday: "The Heat is On—The Maldives"
Documentary filmmaker Jon Shenk will discuss his film, "The Island President" and the impact rising sea levels have on the Maldives.

Friday: "The Heat is On—Insurance Companies"
Sharlene Leurig of Ceres will discuss the importance behind climate change awareness within the insurance industry and, in response to climate change, discovering opportunities for business innovation.

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