04/03/2012 11:24 am ET Updated May 09, 2012

Youth Parkour Team From Apex Movement Show Off Freerunning Skills In Denver, Boulder (VIDEO)

If youth is a tonic that's wasted on the young, these kids are unlikely to spill even the smallest of drops. Even then, they should probably keep more of that tonic on hand for a couple years down the road.

The Youth Team at Apex Movement, a freerunning and Parkour gym with locations across the Denver metro area, recently posted a YouTube video displaying their skill sets -- and we have arthritis just from watching it. Featured in the video are 5 kids from Boulder and Denver that have "been working hard for the past several years...[to] obtain their amazing skills," according to the video description:

- Elijah Muller (age 12)
- Ollie Neben (age 12,
- Landon Roberts (age 14)
- Aidan Lieb (age 11)
- Mike Smith (age 11)

Apex Movement describes Parkour as "an art of movement in which you train the body and mind to overcome obstacles."

Watch the video above.