04/03/2012 06:14 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Rose McGowan Looks Naked In This Black Jumpsuit Outfit (PHOTOS)

Wardrobe malfunctions, we presume, are every celebrity's worst nightmare. (Just ask Janet Jackson.)

So we can't help but wonder why a celebrity -- in this case, Rose McGowan -- would step out in an outfit that looks like a pre-planned wardrobe malfunction. When we first glanced at these photos of Rose leaving her Paris hotel, we couldn't believe what (we thought) we saw: Rose is topless!

Then, upon closer examination: Rose's nipples have vanished!

And finally, after much scrutiny: Ohhhh. She's wearing a beige tee. With black suspenders. And a black cardigan on top.

Which means the "Charmed" star managed to garner all the attention of a wardrobe malfunction victim sans the crippling embarrassment. Well played, Rose. Well played.


See some real instances of Invisible Nipples: