04/03/2012 03:20 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

'Step Up Revolution' Takes Cues From Genting Development And Occupy Miami (TRAILER)

Our very own Miami serves as the backdrop for "Step Up Revolution," the fourth sequel in the high-energy -- if not highly nauseating -- dance cinema series, opening July 27.

The recently released trailer reveals all the typical 305 clichés: dramatic scenes on the beach, in front of graffiti murals, on top of cars, and in salsa clubs.

But "Step Up Revolution" looks like it's also co-opting some very zeitgeist-y issues in Miami, namely Genting's mega development plans and a population of young protesters a la Occupy Miami.

"Miami's Ocean Drive was transformed today into what some are describing as a public disturbance," states the voiceover at the start of the trailer. Turns out there's a flash mob of dancers breaking into "Thriller" moves on public avenues, inside lobbies, and at art fairs.

But news of an impending "greatest hotel Miami has ever seen" that threatens to demolish a whole strip of Miami ("our homes, our jobs -- all gone," says one elder Latino character) inspires "The Mob" to get political.

"Enough with performance art," says a Mob member. "It's time for protest art."

Their dance-y flash mobs soon feature giant robots holding briefcases, citing "We are not 4 sale" and back-up dancers donning riot gear.

Although the foe in this fictional Miami is called Anderson Global Properties, there's no denying the resemblance to Genting, the international developer that will transform Miami's waterfront at the current site of the Miami Herald.

And the riot guard shields and gas masks harken back to the January 31 police raid on Occupy Miami at Government Center.

But instead of ending with a Michael Jackson crotch grab as in "Step Up Revolution," the raid forced Occupy Miami to relocate to a makeshift, shantytown headquarters in Overtown, where they were raided again.

Check out the above trailer for "Step Up Revolution," and keep an eye out for a cameo by one of Miami's most prominent visual artists, Jillian Mayer. Looks like the 'I Am Your Grandma' creator made a little dough as an extra.