04/04/2012 06:54 pm ET

'Set Right' Christian Group Performs Exorcism On Two-Year-Old

Michelle Pecoult, a woman belonging to Set Right, a non-denominational Christian ministry in Perth, Australia, claims she and her group performs "four or five" exorcisms a day -- most recently on a two-year-old, the Herald Sun reports.

According to the paper, Pecoult claims the two-year-old was "growling and snarling" until her team was able to exorcise a demon from the child.

"(The demon) was told to leave and in 20 minutes left," Pecoult told the Herald Sun. "The child didn't know (it had happened)."

Pecoult described the child's possession further to News Online.

"The two-year-old was in a normal play situation," Pecoult told the site. "... Suddenly he was unable to move, speak, do anything."

Pecoult also told News Online her team works alongside her husband, Vince, who studied psychology but later came to believe there might be a "spiritual root" to mental illness.

On their website, the group details what people can expect to see when experiencing an exorcism.

"You must be prepared to see scary stuff, supernatural stuff. Demons are not human, and are not bound by the gravitation laws as we are. As stated, they are supernaturally strong and can move bodies, etc, without any effort. Therefore we warn of this before, we normally would start by explaining what can happen before we begin deliverance. We strongly urge people to bring along their partner or a support person, best mate."

Pecoult isn't the only exorcist making the news lately. Back in march, three teenage girls went on the daytime television show "Anderson" to detail their experience with exorcisms.

"My first exorcism was when I was 13," 17-year-old Brynne told Anderson Cooper.

The teen is the daughter of Texas preacher Reverend Bob Larson, who claims to have exorcised more than 15,000 demons in his career.

17-year-old Tess said she is able to spot the signs of demonic possession by looking into someone's eyes.

"The pupils dilate sporadically...," she told Cooper. "You look in someone's eyes, and after the [exorcism] training, you can see the evil."