04/04/2012 11:19 am ET

Are Foodie Kids A Sign Of The Culinary Apocalypse?

Being a childless misanthrope and everything, it pleased me to see two new books addressing one of my pet peeves: kids and all the things they don't like. Pamela Druckerman's best-selling Bringing Up Bébé and the forthcoming French Kids Eat Everything by Karen Le Billon both address the bizarrely stilted taste of American children. We've all been around kids who "only like" chicken fingers and are so fed nothing else by their unnaturally indulgent helicopter parents. But in these books, particularly Druckerman's, we get a long look at one of the most unnatural and disturbing of contemporary beings: the child foodie. "Catering to picky kids is a lot of work," Druckerman writes, telling of a mother who makes four breakfasts for four different children, and a father who tells her "in reverent tones that his seven-year-old is very particular about textures."

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