04/04/2012 09:07 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Jon Stewart Rips Sarah Palin's 'Today Show' 'Infiltration' (VIDEO)

There was much anticipation for former Governor Sarah Palin's stint co-hosting NBC's "Today Show" on Tuesday, and while Jon Stewart thought she was quite good and likable, he, like many, were baffled by her notion that she was "infiltrating" the show by being invited.

Sporting Jesus fish earrings and an "Iwo Jima-sized" American flag lapel pin, Palin poked fun at herself and appeared to have a good time chatting with her co-hosts. But Stewart couldn't help noticing how passive aggressive the Fox News pundit and sometimes candidate was with Matt Lauer, as if she was under attack.

"You're pretending this whole appearance is some uncommonly ballsy way of sticking it to the 'lamestream media,'" Stewart said. "It's just another way for you to tout your brand of homespun nonsense unchallenged."

Stewart also took issue with Palin's complaining about President Obama's "socialist" agendas, when she later implied that Wall Street fat cats are somehow reaping the benefits. But it was her divisive, pro-conservative, "Real America" worldview that got him the most riled up -- especially since it came out hardest during a segment on Oprah, of all people.

Watch the full segment above and part two below wherein John Oliver hits the streets outside of "30 Rock" to find out what Palin's supporters think of her brave, brave media infiltration.

WATCH: Part two