04/04/2012 06:59 pm ET Updated Apr 05, 2012

Marlins vs. Cardinals: LIVE UPDATES On MLB 'Opening Night' At New Marlins Park In Miami

Opening Day isn't quite what it used to be. For starters, the sun should be setting about 30 minutes after Marlins righty Josh Johnson throws his first pitch to the Cardinals at 7:05 p.m. Further clouding the "Opening Night" billing of tonight's game between the revamped Marlins and the defending champion Cardinals is the fact that the Major League season actually got under way last week. The Seattle Mariners and Oakland Athletics have each already lost game, splitting a two-game series in Tokyo.

Miami Marlins (0-0, NL East)
St. Louis Cardinals (0-0, NL Central)
Marlins Park, Miami
First Pitch: 7:05 p.m. EST

Starting Pitchers:
Marlins: Josh Johnson (right)
Cardinals: Kyle Lohse (right)

Coming off a thrilling seven-game triumph over the Texas Rangers in the 2011 World Series, the Cards are facing a far more uncertain future than most reigning champs. Franchise icon and three-time NL MVP Albert Pujols left St. Louis to sign a free-agent deal with the Los Angeles Angels. Further clouding the future, longtime Cards manager Tony La Russa retired after the season, giving way to former player Mike Matheny.

Coincidentally, Matheny's last at-bat in the majors came against Johnson, who will be starting tonight for the Marlins. While Johnson will be a familiar face for Marlins fans and foes, not much else about this ballclub will look the same. Tonight's game will provide our first look at the Marlins' brand new ballpark. The home team will be sporting new uniforms, too. Also, the Marlins' front office aggressively went about improving the caliber of the players who will be wearing those new duds, signing free-agent All-Stars Jose Reyes, Heath Bell and Mark Buehrle.

Will either team make an early statement tonight? Should we really be calling this "Opening Night"?


04/04/2012 9:58 PM EDT

Cardinals Win!

Motte gets Stanton swinging with another cutter. Strong showing by Cards closer but the story of the game is the brilliant outing by Lohse, who had us all thinking no-no for a while. Bob Feller remains the only pitcher to throw an Opening Day no-hitter.

04/04/2012 9:57 PM EDT


After getting ahead with a 97-mph called strike, Motte gets Stanton swinging on strike two with a 91-mph breaking pitch.

04/04/2012 9:56 PM EDT


Motte burns the third strike by Ramirez, swinging. That popped 99 mph according to ESPN.

04/04/2012 9:56 PM EDT

No. 1

Motte fires off three fastballs to start off Ramirez. The first of two called strikes did not meet Hanley's approval..

04/04/2012 9:55 PM EDT

Fielder's Choice

Bonifacio chops a ball back to Motte, who throws out Reyes at second. There is no double play as Bonifacio has legs and he knows how to use them.

04/04/2012 9:53 PM EDT

Run Reyes?

Bonifacio falls behind Motte, 0-2. Reyes not going anywhere.

04/04/2012 9:52 PM EDT

Lead-Off Single

With his first swing of the AB, Reyes slices a ball the other way and motors to first. Can the Fish rally?

04/04/2012 9:52 PM EDT


Reyes watches a called four-seamer blaze by for the first strike. He watches two balls and then a second strike.

04/04/2012 9:49 PM EDT

Out Of Trouble

IBB works out as Freese flies out to left. Jason Motte and Jason Motte's beard are emerging from the bullpen.

04/04/2012 9:47 PM EDT

@ ChuckKingsbury :

Marlins are bad. Runs produced off officiating errors. In other news, Mario Chalmers in the fast break is as sloppy as a soup sandwich #NBA