04/04/2012 01:23 pm ET Updated Apr 05, 2012

New NFL Uniforms: Brian Orakpo Says Some Alternates Haven't Been Revealed Yet

As the anticipation of Nike's unveiling of the new NFL uniforms grew, many football fans expected major changes in their favorite franchise's style (See: Oregon Football). But those fans (outside of Seattle) were able to let out a sigh of relief on Tuesday after the new looks were revealed, as most of what everyone is used to went unchanged.

Sure, there are cool new gloves and subtle changes in the jerseys, but the Redskins and Ravens still look like the Redskins and Ravens. Click here to see all of the new jerseys.

However, according to Redskins star Brian Orakpo, not every jersey has been revealed.

"This was basically the generic look as far as the traditional white pants and red jersey, but you see the gloves are different, but there are some alternate uniforms that a lot of teams have that you are going to see later on, but they have not revealed those yet," he said on The Sports Fix on ESPN 980 in D.C. "The new technology on the jerseys and the pants is different and everything is a lot different, but the look is pretty much the same for a lot of teams."

When asked to elaborate on the secret alternates, Orakpo admitted that he was never actually allowed to see the full array of new apparel.

"Maybe I will get a glimpse of it because we are still working the show right now," he said. "But I haven’t really seen it, but they told me we were one of the teams that really wanted to take this to another level and get a great alternate uniform going."

The interview was transcribed by Sports Radio Interviews. Click HERE to listen to the full segment.