04/04/2012 06:54 am ET

'Savage U' Premiere: Dan Savage Takes His Straight Talk About Sex To College Campuses (VIDEO)

As long as there are young people, there will be young people having unprotected sex. No matter what videos they've seen, stories they've told, or even in some cases diseases they have contracted, they just will not take safe sex seriously. Dan Savage faced that problem head on in the series premiere of "Savage U" (Tue., 11 p.m. ET on MTV).

For the series premiere, Savage headed to the University of Maryland. His idea was to take his straight talk approach to sex to college campuses across the country and have frank and open discussions with college kids about their own sexuality, answering questions and encouraging these students to be open and honest with their concerns and questions.

One of the more memorable scenes saw him find out that a male student sitting next to him was having unprotected sex with his girlfriend. So Savage called up the girlfriend and chided her, telling her that she's much more likely to be able to get an STD/STI, as well as the fact that if she gets pregnant, she's far more likely to have to shoulder that responsibility alone. All the while, her boyfriend was over Savage's shoulder smiling uncomfortably. It was a classic moment trying to read what was going through his head.

Dan Savage continues spreading the good message about sex on "Savage U," Tuesdays at 11 p.m. ET on MTV.

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