04/06/2012 09:31 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Go Behind The Scenes With Alex Prager (VIDEO)

If you are counting down like we are, you know that photographer Alex Prager's long awaited exhibition "Compulsion" is opening this week in New York, Los Angeles and London. In an interview with New York Magazine, the photographer said, "Who can deny all the apocalyptic talk of 2012, the birds falling from the sky? There was some creepy shit going down.”

The master of melodrama will continue her tradition of creating retro-glamorous snapshots of climactic moments from our favorite imaginary Douglas Sirk films. The collection includes the short film "La Petite Mort", an exciting new step for a still photographer who always worked in such a cinematic language. Check out a behind the scenes look at Prager on her film below and read our interview with Prager for more info.