04/05/2012 01:19 pm ET

Marcus Wilson, Teen Parkour Expert, Offered Job Teaching Stunts After Scouts Spot YouTube Clips (VIDEO)

Countless hours of vaulting through the city has given 17-year-old Marcus Wilson a chance at his dream job.

The World Freerunning and Parkour Federation (WFPF) tapped Wilson to journey from the United Kingdom to Los Angeles to teach stunts, the Telegraph reports. Scouts from the organization had been following the teen's videos on YouTube before deciding to reach out.

Parkour, as defined by the WFPF, is the act of moving from place to place by "using the obstacles in your path to increase your efficiency." The sport often includes complex movements like jumps and flips.

"It feels amazing to jump over buildings," the teen told Metro.

Eventually, Wilson hopes to become a stuntman himself.

"I would love to make a living out of Parkour; it would be a fun job," Wilson told the Telegraph.

Glamour aside, Parkour can be a strenuous form of exercise that comes with potential risks.

In 2010, a 16-year-old in Israel sustained a severe head injury after plummeting to the ground while jumping from roof to roof, Haaretz reported. The boy lost his balance before attempting the leap and had to have emergency surgery to treat his injuries.

Still, others say the sport teaches discipline and strength when practiced responsibly.

"I think it’s less dangerous than a contact sport because it’s you against the obstacle. It’s not you against another person who’s trying to win," Derek Klein of Miami Parkour, told CBS Miami.