04/05/2012 02:08 am ET

'Survivor: One World': Kim Steps Up And Takes Control Of The Game (VIDEO)

Someone had to do it. After Colton left the game, things were kind of in allegiance freefall on "Survivor: One World" (Wed., 8 p.m. ET on CBS). So this week, Kim stepped up and decided to take control of the game. She did it by playing both sides of her alliance -- the original all girls team and the second Salani mixed tribe -- and orchestrating the elimination of Mike, one of the game's strongest player.

More significantly it gives the girls a 6-4 lead in the numbers. Kim's thought -- at least right now -- is to go ahead and push ahead for an all girl finale. The only potential pitfall she faces is if any of these guys convince her to pick off a few girls before them.

Then, a few strategically won Immunity Challenges (a guy won this week's after all), and her alliance is in trouble. If they stick to their guns, they've got a good shot at it, so long as girls can win enough challenges to pick them off. And, at least until the guys get to him and shake his confidence, she's got Troyzan helping her pick off the guys as well.

Watch Kim's strategy unfold on "Survivor: One World" every Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.

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