04/06/2012 03:39 am ET Updated Apr 06, 2012

'Grey's Anatomy': Alex Karev Has Harsh Words For Morgan, But She Needed Them (VIDEO)

With her baby struggling to survive, Morgan was in one of the most difficult positions imaginable this week on "Grey's Anatomy" (Thu., 9 p.m. ET on ABC). The baby was born premature with many problems and looked likely to die almost as soon as it was born.

So she was faced with a decision to either let nature take its course, and allow the baby to die on its own, or to perform a risky surgery that could save the baby's life, but would leave him facing many medical challenges and future doctor and hospital visits down the road, and possibly for the rest of his life.

She tried to talk it out with a lot of other people, but what she was really doing was trying to avoid the decision, and feeling sorry for herself. Approaching Alex was just the ointment she didn't want, but desperately needed.

"Look, no one's saying that you didn't get dealt a crappy hand," he said harshly. "You did. But now you've gotta deal with it. You. Not me and you. You!"

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