04/07/2012 10:41 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Jonathan Schipper's Slow Motion Car Crash Art Installation (VIDEO)

For today's edition of things you would not expect to see in an art gallery: a car crash.

Jonathan Schipper choreographed a slow motion car crash to take place over the course of a month. We like to think of the piece as the prequel to a John Chamberlain sculpture. A vehicle collides into the gallery wall at the not-so threatening pace of seven miles per hour, yet in the end it is destroyed. The piece, according to the artist, displays "a dramatic inevitability that reflects our own mortality."

Watch the video below; we were impressed with how much damage can occur at such a slow speed!

What do you think, viewers? Is it just a stunt or is there more here that we're not seeing?