04/09/2012 02:06 pm ET

Kathleen Falk, Candidate For Governor In Wisconsin Recall, Releases First Ad

Kathleen Falk, a Democratic former Dane County executive running to challenge Republican Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin in the state's recall election, released her campaign's first TV ad on Monday.

"I was raised on simple Wisconsin values -- work hard, be honest, listen more than you talk," Falk said in the commercial. "Today our leaders have lost sight of that. They made decisions in secret and shut the people out. They didn't trust us with the truth."

Falk touted her county's record, which she says includes low taxes and the highest job growth in the state.

"That's the Wisconsin way, and that's the governor I'll be," she said.

Click here to watch the ad.

In a statement, Falk also slammed Walker in more direct terms, saying, "Gov. Walker tore Wisconsin apart and his way has failed us, and I offer a better way for Wisconsin to bring us together.”

Walker, in turn, has attacked her as "the handpicked choice of the big government union bosses who will fund her campaign.”

Falk is the first Democratic candidate for governor in this campaign to release a television ad. The winner of the May 8 primary will face Walker in the June 5 recall.