04/13/2012 09:06 am ET Updated May 09, 2012

Miami Area Dog, Cat, Horse, Ferret, Rabbit Adoptions (And An Emu Too!)

South Florida's animal shelters are filled with hundreds of animals looking for homes, and they come in every shape in size. The South Florida SPCA has even rescued countless horses in the last month, ranging in age, size and gender. There's Sebastian, a regal looking Paso Fino, and little Prince is a dwarf pony.

There's even an emu named Jim who could use some space to roam!

For those not into larger animals, Miami-Dade Animal Services and the Humane Society of Greater Miami both have cats and dogs waiting for someone to take them home. Check out the innocent eyes on Cookie the American Bulldog, shared by Meatloaf the cat.

Want to go even smaller? How about a pet ferret from the Broward County Ferret Rescue and Referral: Holly was found wandering the streets of Hollywood, looking for someone like you.